Monty Hall Paradox

The Monty Hall ParadoxExplore one of the most famous mathematical conundrums ever encountered!The host, Monty Hall, shows you three doors. Behind one door is a prize, and behind the other two are donkeys.You choose a door.Monty then opens one of the other doors that he knows contains a donkey.Then ... he offers you a chance to switch from your door to the other closed door. Do you switch? Or are your odds better not switching? Or in the long run does it not make any difference?You'll be absolutely astounded at the answer! This paradox has fooled dozens of Ph.D.s in mathematics, and is one of the most debated mathematical puzzles of all time.The Monty Hall Paradox brings you the tools to explore this phenomenon.- Play the game as many times as you like - the game keeps a running score of switching versus not switching. Compare your score when you switch doors and when you do not switch doors.- OR, use the included Monty Hall Automatic Simulator to run the game hundreds or thousands of times, even 50,000 times or more. See the winning percentage for switching to the other door, and when you don't switch doors.- Your friends, especially those who are good at logical puzzles, will be absolutely stunned at the results. This is good for very long discussions and debates at any get-together. It's simple to understand the game, but a real mind-twister to understand the results!Learn about one of the most fascinating paradoxes of all time. Get your copy today.
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