Gun Smoke 39 Guns 1 gunapp

SLOW MOTION ZOOM INTERACTIVE We are truly grateful for your creative & motivating feedback, GUN SUGGESTIONS and sometimes colorful comments! Please take a minute and do a review, we read them all, we are building this app together!RECENT GUNS ADDED IN FREE UPDATES!!!1887 ShotgunMP 40PPSH 4144 MAGNUM REVOLVER (with a long barrel)UMP 45 we had so much fun building this oneAA12 Fully Automatic Shotgun AKA "The Hammer"M4 with M203 Grenade LauncherDesert Eagle 50 CALCOMPLETE ARSENAL 39 GUNS and GROWING!!!38 Special22 Magnum Pug44 Magnum Night Guard44 Magnum Long Barrel380 GUARDIANDerringers x3Deser Eagle MicroSWAT Custom IIColt 45 ServiceDesert Eagle .50KRISS VectorFN P90G36CMAC 10UMP 45Skorpion vz 61M61 Vulcan CannonAK 47M249 SPWMP5PPSH 41MP 40M4 With M203AA-12 "THE HAMMER"1887 ShotgunSPAS 12FNH Tactical Shotgun1216 Combat ShotgunTactical AK47 PistolUzi PistolMIC Grenade LauncherM249 SAWTEC-9 FSTEC-9Browning M1919Browning M1917DA 38 SPY GUNFULLY INTERACTIVE SHELLS EJECT AND BOUNCE MUZZLE FLASH RECOIL ZOOM & SLOW MOTION TRANSPARENT CLIPS REALISTIC SMOKEAMAZING LEVEL OF DETAIL All guns lift from case and Animate into Action Touch and Pull Magazine Clips Special Forces Style Clear Clips Live Shell Eject Full Auto, Semi Auto, Safety Barrel Smoke and Ejection Port Smoke Recoil Action Muzzle Flash Laser Sight
File Size36.62 MB
Operating System iOS
System RequirementsCompatible with iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1 or later. iTunes account required