Introduction ************ Universal detector, also known by some as "The Sixth Sense", is a simple tool perfectioned to find out various properties of a test subject. The general idea behind the application is that the user can create own test. So no more need for having many detector/test applications as this ONE application replaces them. Customer reviews (hope for more) ******************** By "awesome!" it's an awesome, funny app that can be used almost for anything! I especially like the add a detector feature, where you can change the name, and the factors for that test. 5/5 How to ****** To begin testing a person the user should point the device at the test subject and then start the test. The user performing the test can decide the outcome of the result. This is done by tilting the device to either right or left. The meter arm will then go to either left or right depending on the tilting. The tester has about 10 seconds time before the test is over. The final result of the test depends on the position the meter arm is after the 10 seconds have elapsed. Features ******** - Really simple and intuitive user interface. - Animated meter arm, with highlighted lamp to indicate high result. - Plays analyzing sounds and tones while processing the result - At the end of each test a report is displayed for the result. - Save, Load, Delete and create new tests. - The user can set the default test that is used when the application is started. - Four ready made tests, which are presented below, comes with the application. *** Mandar *** A test, which detects the Manliness/Manhood factor of a test subject. You are either girly or a real man. *** Lie Detector *** A test, which detects if the test subject states something that is True or False. *** Moron test *** A test, which detects if the IQ level is low or of the charts. *** Love test *** A test, which detects if the test subject is in love or not. Have Fun ******** This tool can be also used to test your self, but the real fun is when you test your friends as you can decide the outcome of the result. Now go and use the ready made test on your friends or create some new funny and wierd tests and learn something new about your friends that you did not know before. All the cool products by SusaSoftX are: ******************* Detector iStardate Alice She Talks - Chat Bot. Disclaimer ********** This is just an application for fun. No one should take this seriously and no harm is intended. KeyWords: test detector mandar intelligence moron lie sexual orientation love wierd IQ sixth sense universal gaydar detektor fart fatso gay homo meter test she woman man idiot wierd slob puke all awesome generic hot heat steamy
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