An astrology app - Taaraka takes into the consideration the actual positions of the planets, constellations and calculates certain astrologically significant mathematical points to provide an accurate natal astrology chart based on inputs provided by user like DoB (Date of Birth), PoB (Place of Birth) and ToB (Time of Birth). It provides breakthrough insights and context to your reality with its daily astrology. The backend of the platform then makes predictions basis the ancient knowledge of astrology and the mathematical analysis of the natal chart about the user. Taaraka's proprietary algorithms, creates customised insights for the user which are unique to the users natal chart. These insights are limited in supply on a daily basis and every 24 hours fresh insights will be provided to the user for career, marriage, relationship, wealth and more. These insights are presented to the user along with the option of telling whether they are true or false. Users may Agree or Disagree for Past and Present Insights. Users may also Like or Dislike Future Insights. Based on the input given by the user, the algorithm becomes smarter and is able to predict better Life insights for the user.
Price USD 0
License Free
Operating System Android
System Requirements Android 4.2