Marmara Tarot Reading

This app can make any spread tarot reading: Daily Tarot where you can get a card that will tell you how you will present your day in various facets of your life such as love, money, health, work and any general aspect of your daily life. Oracle Tarot which is to take five cards will talk about each of the aspects or facets of our lives, this spread tarot reading will give us information about the love, if the job is going well or bad, if we will earn money, also everything that has to do with health and finally an overview of all our lives. A pretty powerful online tarot reading. 123 Tarot, this spread tarot draws three cards on some aspects of our health, love or money. Each card represents our past, present and future of any situation o topics. Thanks to this spread free tarot we can improve our past and present to have a brighter future. Yes or no Tarot reading, you can ask a question that will answer yes or not. Requires focus for the draw of cards is as accurate as possible. The app also provides several web pages related with the tarot online. If you want to browse them for more information about this wonderful tool of divination. It has social buttons to share on social networks different aspects that you can leave in the various editions available this app.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 3.1
Operating System Android
System Requirements None