Graphology is one of the most well known sciences used to analyze an individual's personality. The science of Graphology has been for many years a tool to increase awareness of ones character as well as his personality. The word Graphology, was for the first time used by Abby Michon of Paris. The term is derived from the Greek word Graph which means writing and Ology which means study. This science of studying an individuals handwriting is one of the most complete, accurate examination and evaluation of ones behavior and personality of ones inner self, as well as of others. Each of us bears triple personality ones self image, the personality projected to everyone else and the third is a combination of the first two natures. Graphology is believed to be one of the fastest methods of learning about one anothers' behavior and personality with great accuracy. Just like fingerprints, no two handwritings are similar. As such, your handwriting closely reflects your unique personality. Graphology has its basis on an inexact science that reflects the changing nature and behavioral pattern of human beings. Human personality and behavior changes on a daily basis and even at times it changes instantaneously. Thus, for the purpose of obtaining an accurate true result about your nature and changing personality, it is advisable to analyze your handwriting with the help of graphology tools at least once every month. The result thus generated will be dependent on such factors as our changing mood, environment, business, living condition and the like.
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