MysticBoard Enneagram

Enneagram is principally a diagnostic tool for one's emotional and expressive outlook on life, which empowers to understand better about self and others. It is based on testable thoughts about motivations and emotions of humans. It allows you to identify which "type" of passion dominates your personality. The enneagram is one of the prominent personality judging methodologies in use and ponders on psychological stimulus. The Enneagram is one of the worlds oldest models for understanding how humans relate to each other and the divine. Basically its been derived from the Greek words ennea (nine) and gram (model), the word refers to the nine innermost passions that persist in spiritual traditions. Though this may not cure all the problems of life, but it will show the correct path or the direction for the individual. This tool is widely used in many fields, be it self help and personal growth or other occupations like therapists, educators, psychologists, managers, and business people. An Free Enneagram test plots the 9 distinct personality types and depicts how these types move during stressful and under flourishing situations.
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