Tone Deaf Test: musical ear quiz judges your listening talent and pitch deafness for music and karaoke

Ever worried that you might be TONE DEAF? This app will tell you for sure - in just a few minutes!The Tone Deaf Test app for iPhone and iPad is based on the highly successful website - where over 130,000 people have discovered that they are *not* in fact tone deaf as they once believed! The test has been featured on sites like Geekosystem, Neatorama, Laughing Squid, The Fretboard, and Loop Insight, and here's what users have been saying:"Despite what my school music teacher said, I'm not tone deaf!""Thank goodness. I was worried. I'm not tone deaf!""My jr hi violin teacher told me I was nearly tone deaf. Ha. 100% Not tone deaf.""Great game! thanks guys!""Hurrah! I'm not tone deaf! I scored 100% on Tone Deaf Test - Alas, now I have no excuse for my terrible singing."Many people worry that they might be tone deaf - including musicians... Have you ever experienced: A teacher or friend told you music isn't for you - that you are "tone deaf" You sing your favourite song and somebody tells you you're "out of tune" You just don't seem to hear the detail in music that other people do...?If any of these are familiar to you, you've probably wondered:- Is there something wrong with my ears?- Am I just not a "musical" person?The Tone Deaf Test app is designed by music education company Easy Ear Training to help you find out for certain whether you are in fact tone deaf - in just a few minutes!The app includes: A fun and easy 3-minute interactive quiz which determines whether you are tone deaf or not Detailed information about what "tone deafness" truly is - and what it isn't! Tips, tricks and guidance for learning to sing reliably in tune. Easy sharing so you can tell your friends that you are not tone deaf - and you've proved it. Recommended next steps if you pass the test and want to explore the world of music-makingMore user comments about the Tone Deaf Test:"Great site. Glad to know I'm not tone deaf!""That was a blast. Good job!""For years I've been told by music people that I'm tone deaf, your test says I scored 94% and am not tone deaf.""Yay! I got 100%! :D""Thanks for letting me find out that I'm not tone deaf! I thought I was.""This is great. Can't wait to make my wife try it."If you've ever felt left out the world of music... Or worried that you're "not musical"... Or felt terrible when someone tells you that you "can't sing", are "out of tune" or are simply "tone deaf" - don't wait any longer.Because if you aren't tone deaf... Well then the whole world of music is waiting for you!Download the free Tone Deaf Test app now and find out once and for all.
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File Size 12.19 MB
Version 1.3
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Compatible with iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4. iTunes account required.