A seemingly impossible prediction using your iPhone Camera!!From the creators of Email Wizard, an amazing app acquired by the legendary David Copperfield.*** This app requires an additional item (see below) and works best on the iPhone 5. Not Recommended for the iPhone 4 ***Demo video available here: http://linktrack.info/ghostcardyoutubeThe effect: The magician begins by saying that he wants to take a photo of the spectator. First he removes a card from a deck, holds it up with the back to the spectator, and takes a photo of both the card and spectator. He then puts his phone down saying "I'll show you the photo later," replaces the card in the deck, and hands it to the spectator. The magician invites her to select any card (free choice). The magician then performs a card routine of his choice using the selected card. At the end of the card routine, the magician reminds the spectator about the photo he took, emphasizing that it was taken before she choose a card. He picks up his phone and opens his photo album. He points at the thumbnail of the last photo he took and taps on it. The full sized image shows a photo of the magician holding the chosen card with the spectator in the background, proving that he made the correct prediction!The spectator has a free choice of any card, and the magician's prediction will be correct every time!Ghost Card is a "stealth" app, meaning that the spectator will never suspect that an app was involved. All of the credit will go to the magician and not your iPhone. The app can be used as a self contained mind-reading effect, however mixing it into your current card routine is recommended. At some point you do need to make a single tap on the screen before revealing the photo, however this can be done as you pick the phone back up off the table.From Email Wizard comes the hugely popular "Confederate Mode!" If you have a friend who also has a copy of the app you can perform the effect without EVER touching your phone again. You can take the photo and then hand your phone to the spectator, and she can be the one to reveal the photo! Your friend can make the secret entry on his phone and transmit it to yours. You can choose to end clean (you'll be viewing the photo in the real photo library, not the app). The spectator can hold the card. Includes instructional videos.There are plenty of photo prediction apps that require you to choose from a set of photos you took some time ago, and so you reveal the photo by saying "earlier today I took this photo..." With Ghost Card, you take the prediction photo in front of the spectator, with the spectator in the actual photo, making the prediction much more personal for the spectator.Limitations: Requires a gaff card. Probably the most common gaff card out there which you most likely have already. Cannot be performed surrounded for the entire performance. However the only time that is not spectator safe is when you're taking the prediction photo, and so it's natural that you don't want anyone to see what you're photographing. Since this app uses the iPhone camera, different lighting conditions will work better than others, and thus the app is not suited for every situation. Practice is needed to learn the limitations of the app. The newer your device the better. The app requires a lot of processing power; works great on the iPhone 5, good on the 4s, and decent on the 4 (not available on older devices). The difference will be noticed during the time taking the photo, however the end result and quality will be exactly the same.This app is for entertainment purposes only and does not provide any real mind reading abilities.For questions or comments, please email James at james@howdyoudothat.com
Price USD14.99
License Purchase
File Size 15.88 MB
Version 1.2
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Compatible with iPhone 4. iTunes account required.