Formalogy - Lucky Numbers, Days and Lotto Picks

*** Formalogy has been featured on CBS Money Watch, Business & Finance Network, Technology Net, Times of the Internet, and other media. ***Our global fans asked for this, and now you too can experience what they have known for years. This application is presented by the worldwide Internet expert on personal lucky numbers, lottery picks, and dates. Did you know Formalogy is persistently #1 under the lucky numbers in all major search engines? Yes, it actually is!... Our proven method has been guiding people for years to improve their lifestyle.Formalogy is a contemporary system of merging mystical beliefs of early Near-Eastern civilizations with numerology, spirituality, psychic astrology, geometry and elegant cosmic ideas of classical cultures. Chances are five minutes from now one of you will win a lottery jackpot, one of you will find his or her true love, and one of you will re-discover true passion. Everything around us is numbers, and we graciously help you choose your fortunate picks. Formalogy does this by linking the ancient wisdom with a modern logistical intelligence to formulate your special numbers using your name, date of birth, specified event, and the time factor. Your personal numbers are standardized for your specific set of conditions unlike other number generators Formalogy does not employ random picks or fabricates redundancy. To cover diverse needs and meet your expectations, this application offers three different ways to generate your own lucky numbers. LOTTERY NUMBERSWhy wait for dumb luck to strike when you can boost your lottery winning odds by relying on positive numbers arranged just for you?! The universal algorithm for Lottery Numbers includes exclusive configuration options which will calculate your personal winning set of numbers for almost any lotto game combination in the world. Its easy and flexible. set of lucky picks: 3 to 9 numbers range of the numbers in draw: 9 to 99 option to include or exclude zero option to repeat same numbers in the set up to 3 Mega/Bonus numbers automatically saved settings your choice of play/draw dates INSTANT LUCKY NUMBERSIf you instantly require a meaningful personal number that is not prepared by some obscure geeky recipe, Instant Lucky Number generator is for you. Using this system you may generate a lucky number just on a spur-of-the-moment, choose any date and time of a future event, or even go back in time and test on an event from the past. Its amusing and exciting. your choice of numeric digits: 1 to 5 recalculation per minute option to select any time or date LUCKY DATEWhen Hamlet declared, To be, or not to be: that is the question he certainly was not aware of Formalogy Lucky Dates. Faced with similar doubts, the Lucky Date generator will use the mystical numeric values of your name and birthday to advocate your most favorable date. Its witty and comforting. selection of the month selection of the year Of course, by utilizing this supernatural system you can apply multiple strategies to achieve your objective after all the F O R M A L O G Y anagram is For My Goal. No human can be absolutely accurate, yet the scope of our precision depends not only on our structured system, but also on various other factors beyond our control. You agree that any use you make of this application is at your own risk, and we are not responsible for any direct or indirect losses resulting from your reliance on it. Remember, optimism is essential for better results! We wish you millions in winnings, personal and spiritual prosperity, health and happiness, and lots of good luck.
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