The TimeOut parental control software allows parents to control the time that their kids spend on their computers. Specific programs can be limited to use and TimeOut may ask users to do various tasks so they may have more time on doing other things. TimeOut is not like the other parental control software systems. It's main goal is to control and manage the child's time on their computers rather than just stopping them to enter certain websites or using certain kind of software. Main Features of TimeOut: You can limit your child's usage time of specific programs. You can define your child's maximum usage time for all the programs. Your child can get more time on TimeOut by doing specific tasks(set by the parent). Example: if your child completes the "Clean the room" or "Take the dog outside for a walk", he gets more free time on TimeOut so he may use it for other things, including leisure. You can prevent some programs to start before some certain tasks are completed by your child. Example: your child might not use Youtube until he/she has completed the "Homework" or "Eat lunch" tasks. You can define goals and prices. Example: "Accumulate 5 hours of household tasks and get a Pizza in return". This is a big motivation for children. Prevent seeing specific topics in youtube - using string matching - for example "youtube.*fortnite". You can prevent your child to see specific videos on Youtube(as an example). This is achieved through string matching. Example: "youtube.*fortnite", so your child may not watch Fortnite videos on Youtube. You can define multiple users. Each user can have specific rules and specifications.
License Free
File Size 3.08 MB
Version 1.5
Operating System Windows Windows 10