KidInspector Agent

KidInspector is an all-comprehensive solution for parental control for Windows OS. It offers a great variety of features to provide a full picture of the child's activity on the computer. The program tracks keystrokes, running applications, clipboard, but most importantly, monitors the child's activity on the Internet, such as visited websites, search queries, social networks and messengers like Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat and others. Noticed that your child is visiting inappropriate sites? Block them remotely with the Site Blocker feature. You can block specific URLs or whole categories of sites, for example, "Shopping", "Adult". You can view the recorded information in screenshots as the program makes snaps of active windows or watch the screen of the child's computer live with the help of the "Live Viewing" feature. What's more, KidInspector can make snapshots, record video and audio from the webcam and microphone of the computer. The program can start recording by timer or at a certain child's action. Besides, live broadcasting of the webcam turns the program into a simple surveillance system for your home. All recorded information is delivered to your personal secure account on a cloud server. You can view it remotely anytime from any device no matter where you are. Your account also allows you to change all monitoring settings without getting access to the child's computer.
File Size26.7 MB
Operating System Windows Vista Windows 7 Windows XP Windows 10 Windows Windows 8