A single Appmia licence allows you to install the software on three separate s at the same time. It works alongside Android and IOS platforms. Concerned parents and employees can use it to check on what users are doing online and the people they are communicating with. It offers call history, photos, and texts via an online remote account. But email logs only appear for users of specific smart platforms. Even with this drawback, it still has a variety of useful features. Reporting & Logging: Appmia gives access to pictures, calls, videos, text messages, and Internet addresses; to name just a few things. It gives you complete access to the duration of each call, the numbers, and this applies to both ingoing and outgoing calls. If the receives or sends a text you can view the content of it, regardless of the number. Whilst it tracks the 's exact location, it doesn't have the ability to monitor online bookmarks. Many of the functions only work with specific smarts. The most prominent example is email log access. Only the iPhone and Blackberry operating systems have this function available. But the most important features work alongside all operating systems. Vitally, you still have access to data even after someone deletes it from the , and this applies to all types of data. Features: Each licence supports three separate cell s at the same time. It's convenient feature not common to cell tracking applications. The majority of them have a 'one one licence' rule. You have complete access to the 's activities via a remote online account. It's a stealth application, so users can't see if they have Appmia installed. It also doesn't appear on the bill at the end of the month. If using it on an employee's remember to consult with an attorney as some of these features may breach state and federal laws. Whilst you can view a person's web history, you can't block any websites or apps remotely. It also doesn't alert you if they access sites with specific content.
Price USD8.32
License Free to try
Version 10.2
Operating System Android
System Requirements Android 5.1.1 or later