Protect Your Kid

Do you want to teach your kid that there are more valuable things in life than being online? Are you afraid that your kid might download a harmful app, open an inappropriate website or watch an inappropriate video? Do you want to set a healthy limit for smartphone usage but in the meantime let her use her gadget? Are you worried where your kid is right now? Then... Protect Your Kid deserves your try. Protect Your Kid lets parents manage the time their children spend on their phones and tablets. They have control over the apps their kids use and the content they come upon (web sites, videos). Just download Protect Your Kid app on the devices you would like to protect and set up the rules and restrictions there. With one parental account you protect up to 5 devices (tablets and phones). You can also login in the dedicated Parental Control Panel site. There you can remotely keep an eye on the usage statistics (child's online behavior) and the actual location of your kid. You can access the parental control panel directly on your computer, smartphone or tablet by visiting: FEATURES Location tracking Stop worrying where your kid is right now. You can always check his location directly from the Parental Control Panel site. Safe browsing Let your kid browse only appropriate internet sites defined by you. Easily add new sites to the allowed list. See a complete history of which sites your kid tried to open. Block apps Easily block access to any app installed on your kid's device either completely or for certain time. Could be time frame, time volume or permanent. Set time limits For each app or group of apps you can define a variety of time limits: - time frame, e.g. from 9 to 11; - time volume, e.g. one hour per day or two hours per week; - permanent, e.g. for the entire day. Application usage history Get a complete daily and weekly overview which apps your kid uses and how much time h spends. You can check this in the PYK app on your kid's device or directly through the Parental Control Panel site. Night mode Don't let your kid be disturbed before or during her night sleep. If you configure the night settings all apps and phone calls could be blocked completely during this time. Block installation of new apps Prevent your child from installing and using new and potentially harmful apps on his device until you explicitly approve them.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 2.0.7
Operating System Android
System Requirements None