Familoop - Parental Control & Screen Time Monitoring App

Full-scale parental control app for iOS - we've got Excellent Editor Rating from PC Mag to prove it. With parental control by Familoop you are equipped to protect your kids online effectively, understand how they use device and the web, manage their activity and succeed in parenting. Set up web filtering & monitoring, block porn & adult apps, control screen time, track child's location. Check child's activity logs in your Parental Account from any desktop browser & get notified about risky activities via email. With Parental Control by Familoop, you know kid's screen time, protect kids from inappropriate and adult content, block porn, ensure safe search and keep your child safe in any browser, track child location, monitor kids' online activity. This app is a good partner for mom and dad to ensure Internet safety, understand and manage kids' digital activity right from your personal parent board, and succeed in parenting. Protect you kids and teens today. Install this parental control app on kids' devices to take remote control over safety for your kids. The app automatically applies kid mode with the best-fit protection and content filtering settings according to your child's age and starts protection. As a parent, you get access to a parenting dashboard on your web-based Parent Account where you can supervise child's online activity, check kids' location history collected by Familoop's family tracker and adjust protection level according to your family needs.
LicenseFree to try
Operating System iOS iPhone OS 4.x