P.O.K. (Protect Our Kids)

A unique parental control software package for protecting your kids while they are online. The tool does what many other parental control packages do (i.e. tracks Web page usage, logs keystrokes, filters adult words). The difference that P.O.K. provides is that it watches for key phrases such as "lets meet", "my phone number is", "where do you want to meet" and if they are detected P.O.K. will lock the Internet connection on the computer were it is running. Only a parent/guardian or authorized person can unlock the Internet with the correct password. Even if the computer is rebooted the Internet will remain locked until the correct password is entered. Parents will have the ability to view reports on Web site usage and all keystrokes entered by your kids.
File Size1.21 MB
Operating System Windows XP Windows
System RequirementsWindows XP