* Markup or WYSIWYG editor switch seamless. * Many advanced macros, such as Calendar, Todo list, Panels, or Tabs etc. * Flexible and powerful fine-grind permission control. * Full text with advance search options. * Powerful admin platform with the utmost control. * Easy to backup and restore. * Easy to install and upgrade. A standalone version is one-click setup. * Themes and Skins * Plugins * Many fancy features, revisions, comments, attachments, drafts management, templates and keyboard shortcut etc. * Support most J2EE severs, such Tomcat, WebSphere, Glassfish,Weblogic and JBoss etc. 6 major database supported - MySQL, Oracle, DB2, SQLServer,Postgresql and HsqlDB. * Reliable and stable. It used on geniuswiki.com that runs over 4 years and hosts thousands users and spaces. * Open source and free to use.
Operating System Webware