iVisit Presenter

Share your desktop, presentations, documents, apps and more while video conferencing for free. Talk face-to-face with live video. It's perfect for holding meetings, training sessions, or presentations. Presenter allows users to share PowerPoint presentations, Word Documents and PDFs while in a live video conference. Also, share active applications such as Photoshop, AutoCAD, QuickBooks, and Illustrator while in a meeting to collaborate and boost productivity. Use desktop sharing to remotely assist or collaborate with other users. They'll see what you see. Co-Browsing allows you to share your web browser with others while in a live meeting. Presenter also allows you to annotate, point, or take remote control of a presentation, document, application, browser, or desktop window that's being shared. Push-to-talk and hands free modes make audio calls easy. Stay connected and avoid expensive phone bills or long-distance charges by using iVisit to talk for free. Instant messaging and group chat make communication even easier. Chat one-on-one or with all meeting participants. If a user isn't available, send them an audio or video message that they'll see when they return. Mobile users can broadcast their GPS position. Locate, track, and assist a mobile workforce, provide turn-by-turn directions, and identify nearby points of interest. iVisit Presenter allows users to connect with any iVisit user on their desktop, laptop, or mobile phone.
File Size7.6 MB
Operating System Windows 2000 Windows Windows Vista Windows XP