PebbleTalk Outlook add-on tool brings social networking tools right into Microsoft outlook. Reduce unnecessary emails sent to inbox. Reduce excessive amount of duplicate data across your company. Reduce loss of time in searching and retrieving information. Reduce ongoing cost of disk space, backup and retrieval. Easily tag, rate and search content. Lesser duplicated, more organized and easily accessible content reduces capex. Employees spend less time on a day-to-day basis in sharing and searching content. Team members view the content the same way as other team members do. No differing opinions on the same content. Reduces gaps in communication. Enable colleagues to discover others and connect with them. Enables informal communication across the company which helps create a well-knit community of employees and improves employee bonding. Features: - Persistent chat for discussions in your teams; - Twitter style communication right from outlook; - Be connected while in office, on the road or at home by using mobile, outlook and web; - Tag your e-mails; - Stop forwarding, easily share content with your team; - Quick lookup in your company directory; - View photo and quick profile of your colleagues;
File Size5.99 MB
Operating System Windows Vista Windows Windows XP
System RequirementsMicrosoft Outlook 2003