TeemWork is business management software, an ERP-like database-driven application. The purpose of TeemWork is to help you do more, faster, with less effort. TeemWork is the perfect tool to manage Contacts and Follow-Ups. Consider using TeemWork if you are involved in telemarketing, recruiting, debt collection or customer support. If you manage lists of people or organizations, TeemWork can probably help you. TeemWork is also the perfect tool to keep track of how time is spent. Consider using TeemWork if you bill time or if you want to know how time is spent in your organization. Being better informed about how time is spent can help your organization become more productive. TeemWork also includes Document Management, Human Resources and Accounting. TeemWork's Accounting is very easy to use and understand. You can use TeemWork by yourself or you can share TeemWork and your database with others either via your own network or via the Internet. When TeemWork is originally installed, it is configured to connect to our online TeemWork.Net server via the Internet. You can use TeemWork and our TeemWork.Net server free while you evaluate TeemWork. If you find that you like TeemWork, you can install Microsoft's SQL Server Data Engine (MSDE 2000) on you computer and use TeemWork locally, all free. Your data will then be stored in your own SQL Server MSDE database on your computer. You can use TeemWork free in single-user mode with your own MSDE database on your computer for as long as you wish. We hope that you will eventually want to order and activate TeemWork's multi-user option. You will then be able to share TeemWork and your database with others on your network. A version for Windows 95-98-Me is available.
LicenseFree to try
File Size6.3 MB
Operating System Windows XP Windows Windows 2000 Windows NT
System RequirementsWindows NT/2000/XP