Omega Core Audit

Omega Core Audit provides a software security solution to help customers approach the complex and difficult security challenges in Oracle Database Systems - protecting against outsider and/or insider threats, unauthorized access and enforcing duty separation in meeting regulatory compliance requirements, those being external or internal. Omega Core Audit implements strong practices of Access Control, Continuous Auditing and Real-Time Protection, providing clear visibility and control into database activity, even for privileged users and more, the DBA-s, thus leading to a safer and more secure information system. This is a top requirement for database owners looking to protect sensitive business or privacy related data of their customers, employees and partners, thus conforming to best security compliance standards and recommendations. Omega Core Audit can be virtually used by any organization that uses an Oracle Database and it is looking to implement database information security compliance standards, best industry practices and strong internal security controls. The type of out-of-box, software-only solution, allows for quick implementation without interfering with existing functionalities and needs no additional software licenses or devices.
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