Trusteer Pinpoint Malware Detection

Trusteer Pinpoint Malware Detection accurately detects malware infected devices and determines both the nature of the threat and the risk it represents to the organization. Organizations receive alerts about malware infected devices accessing their web sites and can quickly take action to prevent potential fraud. Malware compromised credential information is fed to Trusteer Pinpoint ATO Detection to conclusively identify criminal access. Trusteer Pinpoint is completely transparent to end users and does not require any installation of software on the endpoint. Key Capabilities Detects Malware Infected Devices Accurately Determines Fraud Risk Levels Alerts Fraud Team of High Risk Devices Enables Malware Removal via Trusteer Rapport Feeds Account Risk Information to Trusteer Pinpoint ATO Detection and Risk Engines Detects Evolving Threats and New Attack Vectors
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Operating System Windows
System Requirements None