Trusteer Apex

Advanced information-stealing malware enables APTs and targeted attacks on enterprises. The main infection vectors are exploitation of application vulnerabilities and social engineering schemes that result in direct malware installation. Advanced malware circumvents blacklisting of signatures and malicious behaviors. Whitelisting approaches, which minimize malware evasion, have proven difficult to implement and manage. Trusteer Apex applies a new approach to stop zero-day application exploits and data exfiltration. By analyzing what the application is doing (operation) and why it is doing it (state), Trusteer Apex can automatically and accurately determine if an application action is legitimate or malicious. Trusteer's Stateful Application Control enables automated enterprise malware protection that maximizes security while simplifying deployment and minimizing management overhead. Key Capabilities Shields Endpoint Applications Against Zero-day Exploits Prevents Data Exfiltration and Credentials Theft Automates Application State Updates, Reducing Management Overhead Unifies Malware Protection for Managed and Unmanaged Endpoints
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Operating System Macintosh
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