LEADS 4.0 has arrived. We are pleased to announce the Availability of our newly enhanced CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) and Sales Driver - LEADS 4.0. Our classic Sales Prospecting and CRM system has been fully reworked and is now available in two forms, LEADs and LEADS Pro. LEADS Pro offers full enterprise wide sharing of data via LEADS, as well as remote operations with full synchronization utilizing the Microsoft Azure Cloud database. This enables your Sales Team to take their Windows laptops and tablets on the road and have full access to all the companies data, while allowing for edits and updates, that can be synchronized and shared with everyone when back in the office later or via any handy wi-fi / internet connection. What does LEADS do for me? LEADS manages your "Sales Funnel" to help you grow your business and gain new customers. LEADS sales process is partially based on the "Sales Development Programme" developed by Sales Impact Group's Brett Burgess. This programme emphasises the sales by "Referral" technique. Sales By Referral. Sick of making hundreds of cold calls resulting in hang-ups, depression and single digit percentage follow ups? Now with LEADS you identify "Suspects" and actively pursue referrals to these via your inner circle of associates or "Centers of Influence". We all know that a close colleague recommendation or referral is highly valuable and can achieve much higher sales figures than cold calling could ever do. LEADS tracks and manages your Suspect list and substantially automates the task of asking for referrals, freeing time for the actual sales appointments you gain. Additionally LEADS has a full Customer activity tracking and reminder system included. Use LEADS to identify, track and manage your relationships with existing Customers and Contacts as well as Potential Customers. Avoid making those dreaded cold-calls. Instead be referred to potential Customers by your close associates.
LicenseFree to try
File Size8.43 MB
Operating System Windows 8 Windows 10 Windows Windows 7
System RequirementsMicrosoft Access/Microsoft Access Runtime


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