XPM-Network is a commercial quality network performance management and traffic analysis suite that is the foundation of the XPM platform. Meets the main features of the Gartner NPMD quadrant product definition. It adopts the principle of network traffic analysis, Focus on performance monitoring and analysis of network nodes, servers, and clients, which is not the basic monitoring of SNMP and traditional network management. Performance indicators that XPM-Network can monitor and analyze include: application processing delay, load transmission delay, link RTT/server/client communication delay, server/client handshake delay, retransmission delay, link Interrupt rate, link failure rate. These indicators have very professional and efficient value for early warning performance and positioning fault domain. Of course, it also includes monitoring and analysis of basic network status indicators such as traffic, packet rate, and session. In addition, it provides powerful traffic storage, and communication topology combing capabilities. Users can use it to discover the business chain topology, which can backtrack the original traffic of operation and maintenance and security incidents. And, perhaps most importantly, XPM-Network is already a complete and mature solution, and there are already several major customer cases supported in China. For more information, please visit our official website. (This version meets the needs of most users for network performance monitoring and traffic analysis, but if you are a telecom carrier, or a large Internet site, please contact us for a higher performance XPM version.)
Price USD 0
License Free
File Size 902.67 MB
Version 6.0.1
Operating System Linux, Ubuntu
System Requirements Ubuntu Server 14.04