AppFirst Professional

It's a brand new performance monitoring experience. AppFirst enables you to manage every detail of your server dynamics--- from server interaction, process level, to the resources that each process consumes. With Appfirst's extraordinary computing technology, you can see the minute things start to change, which means that you can get your application back on track before your users even notice a problem. Start exploring the different areas of the product. Monitor: See at a glance how your infrastructure has been performing recently. The AppFirst Dashboard shows you the current status of your entire infrastructure updated in real time every 60 seconds. This information is organized into widgets (Alert Status, Alert History, Servers, Polled Data) with new widgets being added all the time. The Dashboard is totally customizable, so you can rearrange, add and delete widgets at any time. At a single glance, you can see exactly what's going on with your infrastructure and easily focus on the information that's most important to you. Alert : AppFirst Alert Management keeps you aware of behavioral changes even when you're not by your computer. Alert notifications can be sent to anyone in your account, and they can be sent through email, SMS, or both. You can set an alert on a single process, a single server, or a group of processes that make up a logical component of your infrastructure. You can set an event-driven alert to trigger when a user-defined threshold is crossed, or you can set an activity-based alert to trigger when a particular activity occurs (a specific file is opened, port is accessed) Applications: You can label related processes as applications so you can monitor the behavior of different components of your website. Use this cool feature to divide your website into logical components, even if the processes in an application are on different servers! Learn more about labeling applications. Resolve: AppFirst Data Insight gives you complete visibility of your infrastructure, with data points recorded on the graph once per minute. You can use the graphs to compare the historical performance of two different processes, or to compare one process against itself over different periods of time. Start at the process level, then click on any data point on the graph to see more specific detailed information.
Price USD 0
License Free to try
Version 1.0
Operating System Webware
System Requirements None