HiRouter Free Routing Software

HiRouter free routing software is a stand-along operating system based on the Linux x86 kernel, it can be installed on a PC and will turn it into a router with all the necessary features: routing, firewall, VPN server, and QoS. These features cater to the network management of some groups, company, net bar, SOHO. Main features of HiRouter Routing Software Network Solutions: Support DNS/IP/URL/Keyword filtering to prevent from malicious Web sites & external network attacks. Allocate proper bandwidth to fully utilize according to the occupying bandwidth. Support a variety of VPN connections such as PPTP VPN/SSL VPN/L2TP VPN/IPsec VPN. Backup system information via remote network management to any host for the easy recovery. Log in the system via Web on any PC. The system has been perfectly designed, it not only provides high efficiency performance and also provides full solutions for unexpected conditions, such as: Free power off design: During the router performance, the hard disk has been written continuously so the power of the router can be shut down without system damages. Operating System uploading as memory running: Operating System uploading as memory running so as to optimize the router performance. Core Processing Protection: the key application is perfectly protected as core and it can be recovered automatically. Intelligently uploading monitoring and processing.
Price USD 0
License Free
File Size 148.3 MB
Version 8.1
Operating System Windows, Windows XP
System Requirements No Operation System requirements here , because our routing software is based on LINUX , please check the detailed information to know more, or go to our offical website : http://www.hirouter.com/freedownload.htm