Visual MIBrowser provides basic support for SNMPv1/v2/v3, allowing users to perform such tasks as viewing MIBs, performing Get, Set, or Walk operations, auto-discovering SNMP Agents, setting alarm thresholds and more. Support for SNMPv3 operations. A Browse Tree tab displaying all MIB constructs that have an OID assignment The ability to save and re-execute commonly used operations. The ability to save results for use by other programs. A MIB tab displaying all loaded and compiled MIB Simultaneous SNMP communication with multiple agents (including SNMP Trap / Inform reception.) Multiple query output Windows. A Notification Generator for sending "test" traps or informs. An import/compile facility for enterprise MIBs including automatic loading of MIB Import dependencies. A MIB Compiler with configurable sensitivity. A MIB editor Window, launched automatically by MIB Compiler's directive upon loading a MIB with errors.(includes error highlighting) Ability to run as an 98/Me/NT/2000/XP Service. An improved MIB Tab: Select multiple MIBs simultaneously Create and delete MIB groups Move selected MIB(s), into groups, out of groups, elsewhere in the tree Automatic conversion of files names into module names for easier MIB selection and loading. SMIv1 Traps and SMIv2 Notifications presentation. Handling of notifications as per SNMPv3 specification. As a SNMP entity, it implements SNMP-TARGET-MIB and SNMP-NOTIFICATION-MIB. Rich alarm handling capabilities: support for different alarm detection algorithms for charts, e.g. thresholds: rising, falling and rising or falling, value: change and no change, audio alarm notification when browser is minimized to the system tray. User definable, color coded alarm priorites. User definable, color coded notification priorities. Automatic resolution of IMPORTed MIBs. Configurable, continuous data logging in a database engine. Improved user interface and search capabilities.
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Version 13.3.0. build 002
Operating System Windows 10 Windows 7 Windows 8 Windows Vista Windows XP Windows