Text Log Monitor provides Systems Administrators the ability to monitor, filter, alert, archive, schedule Web and email reports, and tail critical operating system and application logs. Supports both delimited and non-delimited text log files. Create directory monitors that automatically monitor all files that match file name masks such as *.txt and *.log. Archives critical log entries to SQL Server or MySQL. Has filtering searches through text logs allowing you to pin point critical entries using simple or complex regular expression driven filters. Trigger actions such as fully customizable email, export to file, message box, sound, write to database, write to event log, forward to syslog, system tray message, or SMS notification. Create scheduled reports that contain specific entries. Enables users to view, filter, and tail large text files replacing popular command-line text file parsing tools.
LicenseFree to try
File Size2.12 MB
Operating System Windows Vista Windows Windows XP Windows 2000
System RequirementsMicrosoft .NET Framework 2