Addabot is a programmable twitter automation platform. Addabot listens for tweets based on a criteria, this criteria can be: keywords, language and/or geo location. Once the tweet occurs, mean any user posts a tweet that matches your initial criteria, will fire an event. When detected the tweet will pass through a set of conditions, ie: if the user who post the tweet has more than 1000 followers, or any other rule set by you in your trigger. If the tweet complies with your set of conditions then a set of actions will occur, these actions can either be one or more of the following, Favorite, Retweet, Quote, Tweet, Follow and other twitter functions. The actions may happen instantaneously or with such delay pre set by you in your trigger settings, just set the minimum amount of time and the maximum delay, the trigger selects a random value between the max and min delay time.
Price USD 100
License Purchase
Version 1.0
Operating System Webware
System Requirements None