iLeadGrabber Basic

iLeadGrabber is a "Point & Grab" Information Automation Software which captures, extracts, verifies, qualifies & enters Lead, Order, survey, feedback information from Anywhere to Anywhere. About - What is iLeadGrabber? iLeadGrabber on a Click, smartly extracts the lead, order, survey, feedback information like contact details & order form specific informations based on predefined web form templates from Lead Mailbox(Outlook, OutlookExpress, Eudora), web Search Results, Online Directories, Folders and any Promotion or Trade List, Documents(txt,rtf,htm,doc,pdf) and enters them into Applications, CRM, ERP, Databases, Folders and Files(txt,csv,delimitted) and more, automatically without any retype, copy-Paste and errors. Also lookup pre-configured key information to isolate critical or prospect lead or order information that helps in processing the lead faster. Highlights - Why use iLeadGrabber? Saves Effort, Time & Money: iLeadGrabber saves time by cutting down that is needed to type, cut, copy & paste web form information field by field. iLeadGrabber on a click, extracts and enters all the fields of the webform or lead into your database accurately and efficiently enabling business focus. Builds Lead Database: iLeadGrabber quickly builds lead database for sales and marketing by scaning from various source like Search Engine Results, Online Directories, Social Network, Lead Mailbox, Folder, any Email(txt,htm,xml) and builds lead database with extracted information into targets like Documents(txt,csv,xml), Folders, Applications, CRM, ERP, databases. iHandles any Web-Forms in any Order: iLeadGrabber provides option to create web templates based on the incoming order or lead information, enabling ensuring the lead extraction accuracy, security and business efficiency. Sends Customized & Personalized Auto-Response: iLeadGrabber sends customized auto-responses using the information submitted at web form to generate a mail merge email. The auto response can be personalized as plain and html emails. Prioritizes & Distributes Leads\Order among Sales Team: iLeadGrabber dynamically distributes incoming leads among the sales team. Round-Robin forwarding in filters can distribute leads in cycles among a list of sales representatives. The sales load are shared among all representative equally. Sources information & leads from Web, Search Engines & Desktop to build quick Sales & Marketing DB. Keeps Clean and Duplicate Free. Supports Range of Applications.
Price USD 249.95
License Free to try
File Size 3.44 MB
Operating System Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows, Windows 2000, Windows 8, Windows Server 2008, Windows 7, Windows XP
System Requirements Microsoft Office 2003 or later