TUVIC - Free Bluetooth Marketing Software - Create your own Mobile Marketing Campaigns. Have you ever wanted to run a Bluetooth Marketing campaign, but found yourself tangled up with the different commercial options? Having to buy units, software, rental, revenue share, all that is old and from the past. Imagine if you could have the complete freedom to create as many Bluetooth packages/antennas as you need, with the master software to create them. No more hassle, no more shipping, no customs, no rental, no purchasing, no sharing, no pay per usage. You would have the absolute control. On top of that, we include 3 killer applications to enhance your mobile marketing campaigns, and help you grown on your business. Our package includes: Proximity Marketing Software (Bluetooth Marketing Engine); Mobile Catalogue Generator (content management system to create your own customized java catalogues.); Mobile Site Maker (Create, manage and sell a complete mobile website to all your clients).
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