SellApp.ME is a free premium marketplace app connecting people who want to sell new or used products or services locally to smartphone customers interested in finding good is the best and fastest way for individual entrepreneurs and small businesses to market and sell their own e-commerce quality products for free on their mobile devices.Simply put, puts money in the pockets of sellers and saves buyers cash and time.Choose from a variety of product categories - Youll find cars, homes, mobile phones, fashion, furniture, electronics,TVs, tablets, laptops, entertainment, event tickets, beauty products, jewelry, watches, home appliances, travel and much more.Free to download and free to use. NO upfront cost and No monthly minimum. You can accept and pay with debit and credit cards or cash. To get started its easy you need your mobile number, name, email and city.Buyer and seller can send text messages in real-time for free, get SMS and email receipts for each transaction, rate the transaction and request an Uber ride within the chat window.Download now, with your personal Facebook or Gmail account. Then, start using by snapping a product photo with your phone camera, post it and start selling or buying.HELPING YOUR SMALL BUSINESS GROWFOR SELLERSCLOSE DEALS FASTER The Quick Sell feature enables sellers to negotiate in real-time with buyers, close the transaction faster and accept card payments in the chat window.MONEY IN YOUR BANK ACCOUNT Money to your bank account is received in 24 to 48 hours, normally. In some countries the funds can be received the same day.APP MARKETPLACE GETS YOUR PRODUCT NOTICED Every product listing gives the buyer visibility and information to the item your selling. Buyers browse the marketplace daily to see whats new and to find cool stuff.SELL BETTER WITH PHOTOS AND VIDEO The lines between physical in-store and online selling are disappearing. The next best thing is quality photos and video of your product or service offering to get buyers engaged.TEXT MESSAGING FOR FASTER COMMUNICATIONS- Buyer and seller cancommunicate 10x faster with text or voice recorded messages than sending an email.ACCEPT CARD PAYMENTS OR CASH Accepting debit or credit card payments from customers is much safer and secure than exchanging product for cash.SELLER RATINGS GET ATTENTION FROM BUYERS After each transaction the buyer can rate the seller. This ensures top sellers get more attention and provides important information future buyers about the seller.FOR BUYERSKEEPING YOUR MONEY SAFE Your money is protected throughescrow payments, until you receive and approve the product or service. Then the funds are released by the buyer or automatically from the app.DISCOVER LOCAL DEALS NEARBY-The marketplace is like one big digital shopping mall online with thousands of cool, unique and high-quality items. You can browse locally in your city or nationally in your country to find the things you need.PAY DIGITIALLY WITH CARD OR buyers can securely pay using a debit and credit card. Its the safest way to pay. The option to pay cash-on-delivery is available, but not as safe.YOUR CARD DATA IS SECURE Every transaction is secured through sophisticated encryption and tokenization process. does not touch the money or store customer card data in the app or mobile device.TEXT MESSAGE TO NEGOTIATE BEST OFFER- Send a free text question from the app and negotiate in real-time with seller.A BEAUTIFUL USER-INTERFACE DESIGN Browsing for cool products is a beautiful experience and incredibly simple. The user-interface design makes your life less complicated and enjoyable.Download for FREE now.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 3.3
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Requires iOS 9.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.