Robin Rover - Earn money with online purchases

Your data, your rules!You can earn up to 100 each day. Its real money, neither coupons nor crypto coins. Part of our benefits suppor social projects.What is Robin Rover?A platform that allows you to earn money and help social projects by sharing the shopping information you now give away. Yes, every time you buy you give away that information but it has a hiden value. We give you the tool that allows you to gather that information so you can receive what you deserve.The information we ask you is the information of your order: Date, product, units, price and place of purchase.How does it work?BUY ONLINE, SEND ORDER MAIL, GET ROBINS, EARN MONEY- Download the application and complete your profile- Buy online as you have done so far (check accepted stores)- When you receive the confirmation email forward it to **- For each mail we give you a Robin (a voucher, a token) to participate in the Robin Challenge- Every day a winning Robin receives 100 via paypalWhat is Robin Challenge?Instead of paying our users a small amount of money we have created a daily challenge. Each day we select a Robin worths 100. We send the money via Paypal.If you win you will get 100. No crypto coins or discounts. If you do not win, all the Robins you have will be saved. So, the more days go by without having a winner Robin, the more chances you have that you will finally win.What is Social Robin?The money we get from our clients finances the Robin Challenge as well as certain social projects. Every month we support social projects. The more we are, the more projects we will be able to finance.Helping and earning money is possible with Robin Rover.How does Robin Rover make money?Robin Rover does not charge the user, but the companies that access our database. Part of this money covers our running costs, the rest goes entirely to you in the Robin Challenge and for social projects.
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 1.5.1
Operating System Android
System Requirements Requires Android 4.4 and up