Gesture - Happiness Delivered

Gesture is re-thinking the way you give: send flowers, wine, champagne, and more (coming soon!) on demand for under $20.Fresh deliveries are made easy with the Gesture appand all for under $20, and with delivery times of 30 minutes or less, customized notes, live order-tracking, and customer service around the clock. Perfect for those last-minute gifts.Have an occasion? Theres a Gesture for that.Cant wait all day? Thats why were here.Not looking to spend your rents worth? Yup, weve got you covered.Unsure? Lets talk.Occasions that can be made better with Gestures include but are not limited to the followingDid you snooze your way out of the first text or phone call on your friends birthday?Is a dear one having his daily existential crisis during a stressful morning at work? Or feeling the early-afternoon lethargy after too-much extra guac?Do you want to send a quick and thoughtful thanks to that friend who let you crash at her place in the Village in the hopes she will forgive your influence over the late-night pizza decisions, after she had been keeping up with her diet and gym routine soo well?Do you want to send a congratulatory bottle in the midst of a great accomplishment in a city where so many of these occur unnoticed?Do you want to make it up to your partner and send a nice, cold bottle in exchange for that nice, cold shoulder youve been receiving?Download and use the Gesture app for free today.CHOOSE FROM AN ARRAY OF GIFTS TO BE DELIVERED WITHIN 30 MINUTESImmediately, one of our trusted couriers will be notified and head to one of our partner stores to pick up the gift. Our couriers are zone-based to ensure ETAs are met. You can choose from a mixed bouquet to strictly roses. Feeling patriotic? Choose between red, white, & bubbly. Sweets and more are coming soon.Have something else in mind? Shoot us an email at & SIGN YOUR MESSAGEGesture allows you to write a personalized message to your recipient with an additional free-form space where you can signor create abstract art.REAL-TIME TRACKINGOnce the order is placed, check the app at any time to track your Gesture from pick-up to delivery.AVAILABLE IN NYC, CHI, D.C, AND MORECheck the app to make sure your recipient sits within one of our delivery zones. Dont worry we are looking to expand throughout NYC and into new cities globally as soon as possible.CUSTOMER SERVICEConcerns, questions, comments? Praise, compliments, regards? Our team is available to help around the clock. Shoot us an email at TO PAYAll transactions are 100% digital. You can keep that cash handy.Now including Apple Pay!
Price USD 0
License Free
Version 2.0.4
Operating System iOS
System Requirements Requires iOS 11.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.