Are you tired all the hassle of dealing in cash and meetups? Had enough of no-shows and last-minute cancellations? Are you debating whether to sell or to donate your used stuff? Urbanity Marketplace app is the solution to the problems! While Urbanity offer users to transact in traditional way through cash + meetup, there are additional ways to transact with no cash & no meetup! Plus, we donate a portion of our profit to a local charity, so you don't have to decide between giving & selling. Transact through the app and do both!Our unique processes are:- Drop-off and pick up location(s)- Direct mailing from seller to buyerThe processes are enabled and implemented with 'Urbanity Secure Payment' where buyer's payment is held by Urbanity and released to the seller only when both parties to the transaction are happy! In addition, our application is filled with unique features that helps you to buy/sell more effectively:- Uploading of video & photo - 'Offer and accept' feature with automated calculation- Automated payment process- Dispute resolution process- In-app chat function for your privacy- User ratings & reviews- Transaction status tracker- Email updates on transaction status- Reporting of inappropriate item/user- Events & Promotions such as cash and/or merchnadise rewards- Urbanity Concierge & Shopping assistance for live chats, shopping idea...etc Ultimately, you will see a much larger user group, making sales quicker and browsing more fun. Plus, your buy/sell activity contributes to our donation money! So why worry when you can Sell & Donate! Win-win! Say 'No More!' to platforms offering services with 90's standard and UPGRADE your trading experience with Urbanity Marketplace! Follow us '@urbanitymarketplace' in our FB & Instagram pages.For any queries, email us at 'Honesty, Respect, and Integrity. Together we can build a safer, bigger, and better marketplace. -Urbanity'
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