Dharma simply means the ultimate law that keeps the universe together, that keeps the universe in harmony, in accord, the norm, the norm that makes the universe a cosmos and not a chaos. That is exactly what we aim to do here. We are a portal for conscious experience. What exactly does that mean? It means that Dharmify is a directory that carefully collects and curates the most incredible humanitarian products, powerful healers, transformational events, and compassionate plant based restaurants centralizing the potential for a healthier life in one touch of a button. With the membership, you get valuable access and discounts to all of what we offer in this directory. While the membership is optional, it is highly recommended as with it, you are not only gifting yourself access to a high vibrational lifestyle but you are a co-creator of Dharmify helping to restore balance, community, healing, and connection to humanity. Every single action within the app helps humanity in one way or another, either by consciously consuming a product that donates a percentage to humanitarian efforts such as reforestation or providing healthcare to those in need, to being a part of one of our events intended solely for personal transformation, or by loving yourself when you book one of our trusted community healers for a session. 5% of All Net Profits goes towards 1% FOR THE PLANET, a powerful collective non-profit that gives to many organizations dedicated to protecting the environment. The rise of the incredible humanitarian companies inspired us to collect and collaborate with all of these loving, caring businesses and combine them into one marketplace to magnify the potential of positive influence we can have. We do this by partnering with only the best in conscious businesses and local business. We are an interconnected web of positive social change offering products and services that only have the highest values. We put LOVE in ALL that we do.
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