Smart List - shopping list app

Here is what you can do with Smart List app:- Create a shopping list with ease- Real-time synchronization- Share lists via email, SMS and other mediums- Item prompter and voice input- Add recently purchased items- Add notes, quantity and price to your items- Upload images to your listsDo you want to create a quick shopping list that's comprehensive and easy to use? Smart List is here to help! Gone are the days when you had to create a large grocery list by hand, and you were sad that you forgot some stuff. With this all, you get to create a smart list that can actually include photos if you so desire.In fact, Smart List enables you to add photos of receipts, so you can easily keep track of your expenses. At the same time, you can use the photo feature as the perfect way to upload a picture of those products that you already bought. This way you can keep track of all items, and you can figure out what you already purchased and what's still on the list.You don't have to worry about data security either. We use Google Cloud to store all your data, so you will be the only person to access all information. Not only that, but everything is synced with the cloud when you are online, so you don't have to worry about anything either. Also, we made sure that the app is lightweight, which means that you can download it even if you have a restrictive data plan.Smart List is an extraordinary shopping list because it goes well beyond what a regular grocery list can do. The app features an item prompter that helps you find the items you want in no time. Moreover, the voice input takes away the chore of typing.The application also gets to remember all the items that you recently added, so you can generate a list of the things you run out of. You can add quantity, price, and notes to items if you want. Then you can also customize some of the features such as sorting alphabetically or by category. Recover your deleted lists from trash anytime.Share your grocery list with others. Your loved one or friends won't forget to bring over those crucial items that you need. It actually makes a lot of sense, and it's a meaningful, one of a kind app you will use rather often!If you always wanted to go grocery shopping and not forget anything you want to buy, then Smart List is the right tool for you. This app makes grocery shopping fun. You can create a comprehensive shopping list; you can add images and so on. Don't hesitate and take your grocery shopping to the next level with this app.
Operating System Android