Snapz (Beta)- Your personal shopping butler at your fingertips.Singapore customers only, expanding to other countries soonWHY USE SNAPZHave you ever been stuck comparing prices and different outfits at your favourites stores? Or have you regretted not purchasing that shirt or dress you last saw at your favourite store? Now with Snapz, worry no longer!1. Using the Snap function, take a picture of the shirt/dress/fashion accessory that you want to compare or purchase later. You can take pictures of yourself wearing the item/ outfit in the changing room at different angles too to compare with other items/outfits!2. Input information about the item in the necessary fields provided.3. Snap more items as necessary.4. Compare the prices of your items or outfits at your own convenience at the Shopping Cart function. (Expanded gallery function to be added soon)5. After selecting the item(s), press checkout!6. At the email page, press send to send us the information for the item. We will then contact you for delivery!More functions are in the midst of testing and will be coming soon. Email us at or go to our store page on Google Play to leave us feedback!
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