The purpose of this app is to be used at your favorite clothing store or at home if you've already purchased the outfits. If you are at a clothing store select a few great outfits, take a regular selfie, or a mirror selfie, of the outfits you are trying on in the change room, then upload them online to get feedback from the FabChat Community. Similarly, upload selfies of new makeup configurations for feedback.Get Online - Upload your selfies and the online community can thumbs up (Fab It) or thumbs down (UnFab It) your photos.Get Involved - Help others decide what outfit(s)/makeup look great on them before they purchase or go out for the night.Get Feedback - This is a great place to have fun and get feedback; not just from the sales person.Fabometer Analytics - Your account will display all of your uploaded selfies as well as a total tally # of Fabs and UnFabs.Happy Shopping!
Operating System Android