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Here at Shadow Deals, we bring you the best deals in select categories, such as babies, pets, beauty, and gaming. Our team carefully selects the best deals and does all of the work, so that you don't have to! Our app is intuitive and easy to use. Please try it out and let us know what you think.Most other deal apps and web sites don't specialize in the way that we do at Shadow Deals. Most of our competitors offer cluttered apps and web sites, where users must spend a lot of their time searching for deals that interest them.We believe that it should be easy for our users to find the deals in the most efficient way possible. To that end, we do not fill our site nor our app with random deals. We only specialize in a select few categories, which enables us to better find our deals and better target our audience. In addition, our editors are only responsible for their category and are thus able to focus on their domain, dedicating all of their attention to one category. This allows our editors to specialize in a particular deal domain and choose only the best deals to display on our web site. We have the best deals for babies, pets, beauty, computers, electronics, gaming, sleep, and more.Moreover, our Shadow Boards user forums provide registered users an opportunity to share good deals and to provide support on a peer-to-peer basis.Here at Shadow Deals, we have in-house technical support, web development services, and editors who really know their stuff. We are a small company, and one that deeply cares about their employees and users. This enables us to have a better control over all aspects of the content delivery services and to customize our offers to suit a wide range of users, both novices as well as advanced savvy shoppers.
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