Shopping List

Shopping List is an app that lets you create and store shopping lists to make shopping a breeze. You don't have to worry about remembering every item that you had to buy in the store. All you have to do is whenever you think of something you need, you open the Shopping List app and create a list and put that item into the list so you don't forget it. Next time when you are in store, just pull up the Shopping List app and take a look at your created shopping list, and it will have the list of all the items you need to buy. Once you are done shopping, you can delete that list and later on create a new one for future shopping.Why use Shopping List ?Shopping List has many user-friendly features that makes creating and reading lists very easy.- You can enter items to a list from a list of existing items- Our app already contains the most common grocery items, but you can also add items of your choice as many as you like- We also have auto-completion to suggest items before you even type them out completely- Your new items are also saved in the database so that next time you don't have to completely type them, our autocomplete feature will suggest it as you start typing the name- Shopping List color codes each item based on its category and groups each item in a list based on item category so that you can organize your trip to the store- Our app also allows you to edit quantity, price and category for each item
Operating System Android