Socialshops is a tool which enables your online business with social marketing, product sourcing and data managing, to make e-commerce simple and efficient. With Socialshops e-commerce solution, you can build up online store and sell online in minutes, with multi-access through web, mobile and app. What's more, Socialshops helps connect the channel from product sourcing to social marketing, from drop shipping to data managing. All for your online business success with ease.Quick Start on E-commerce1. No technical or design skills required2. Bulk products upload3. Easily share products to social networkEasy Connect to Sourcing & Selling1. 1500 sub-categories and 40 million products for you to select2. More products with competitive price3. More channels to sell through social networkEfficient management with data1. Rapid product uploading and grouping2. Freely roll out or withdraw products3. New order reminders and status follow-up
Operating System Android