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Need a reason to lease a baby & kids product? How about long term savings, trying out lots of different products, getting rid of your old stuff, and saving our environment?LEASE / BUY- With our unique machine learning, you can lease or purchase baby products and kids' toys from anyone with a fair market value - no negotiation needed.LEASE OUT - You can also lease out any baby & kids product that you do not need for a period of time to gain short term income and free up your storage.LEASE TO OWN / SELL NOW - The options to lease to own or sell outright are available. NEW / PRE-OWNED - We have large range of products which includes new products from brand suppliers as well as products from individuals like you.In contrast to OfferUp, Wish, 5miles and Zulily, our mission is to provide high quality products for a fraction of the cost.** Interested in buying or leasing?Guaranteed product satisfaction: We guarantee a 7-day (after product arrival) return period, where you can return the product and get a full refund from any seller/lessor on our platform. (Depends on the agreement with the individual seller/lessor; you may have to pay for the return shipping cost)Lease to own: Deferred purchase. Therefore, if the product's end of lease condition is outside of the normal wear-and-tear expectation (we understand it is used by kids, so we have a relaxed expectation of the item's end-of-lease condition), you can consider purchasing the item from the beginning with no penalty nor effect on your credit with us.Price lookup: we are your trusted source of knowing the present AND future value of any baby & kids product. Yes, this includes even products not in our sell/lease catalog.* Our version 1.0 only supports shipping as the delivery method. You can lease products from anyone in the United States.SIMPLE TRANSACTION FLOW FOR BUYER / LESSEE:1. Find an item. We help discover the fair value. (you will see a price meter)2. Pick a purchase or lease option.3. You have a 7-day guaranteed return period after its arrival.4. In case of a lease, we will also ask you to record a 15-second video as proof of the item's "pre-use" condition.5. At the end of the lease, you will be given an option to "Lease to own" or "Return" the product you leased. If "Return" is selected, we will ask you to record another 15-second "post-use" video, then we will send you a USPS shipping label that you can apply to the product and send the item right back to the lessor.** Interested in selling or leasing out your stuff?We protect your leased item by collecting a security deposit from the lessee which will be returned once the product is returned in a functional condition.We are introducing a recurrent leasing model to the lessor (you), where we will take care of all the heavy lifting work (payment, logistics, tracking) between multiple leases, so the lessor (you) can sit back and collect the earnings.With our recurrent leasing model, the lifetime value of the product is way more than the original purchase price. Don't let your stuff collect dust - lease it out!SIMPLE WORK FLOW FOR SELLER / LESSOR:1. List your item from the "My listing" page. We help you figure out the right lease terms for your item. We show you risk indicators with our actuary-style risk assessment.2. Once someone starts a lease on your item, we will send you a shipping label, and then you can send it out through USPS.3. The lessee will record a pre-use video as proof of condition.4. When it gets closer to the end of lease, the lessee will be given the option to lease to own and return it. We will notify you to approve the lessee's selection (don't worry - we won't sell your item without your consent). If "Return" is selected by the lessee or you, the lessee will be asked to record a post-use video and return your item.
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