Online Catalog - view items online, shop offline

Online Catalog is a one stop app to choose from hundreds of different products namely electronics, apparels, books etc. Catalogue-online shop for offline items is the best app to browse for products from different shops. It provides a catalog for items enlisted by all registered sellers across the world. You can choose from the products enlisted or check for a selected item. Main features includes :--Registration as a seller/shopkeeper gives you the benefit of adding your shop items to the catalogue.-Item added by a seller can be viewed online by any user who has registered as a customer.-Item added by a seller cannot be viewed by another seller unless he/she registers as a customer, thereby providing privacy and secrecy for your added items.-items added has a unique description, quantity,price range along with the image of item, hence customer gets a fair idea about the product. We provide an online look and feel for the product with images.-seller information is shared with the customer who is interested in a particular item added by that seller, hence customer can contact the authorised seller/shopkeeper if he plans to buy that particular item.-this app doesn't supports transaction of items, but it is a place to unite the customer and seller/shopkeeper online.-Registering as a customer will give you to advantage to browse items online without actually going to the shop and can also compare the products to get the best deals.All in all, Online catalogue is a one stop app for all the sellers/shopkeepers to get all their items online. This allows them to showcase their shop products online for all the users to see, hence the reach of a seller/shopkeeper is extended globally from local. This app is for anybody and everybody who wants to showcase their shop items into an online market but are not yet ready for online purchase and transaction of their items.Also a customer has the advantage to view the items online without visiting the shops and can contact the respective seller if he/she is interested in an item uploaded by that seller. Also, the customer can compare a particular item from one or two seller can can contact the seller who gives the best deals.
Operating System Android