Bnft has everything you need to manage your EBT benefits securely and simply. As a SNAP and/or WIC cardholder who has Bnft you can:- Instantly get access to your real-time available balance- View up to a year of transaction history- Update your card status- Order a replacement card- Select or change your PIN- Locate a storeBnft allows you to securely manage your benefits at the touch of a button. Easily register with your account information. If you have already registered to then you are all set and ready to go. Simply use your existing username and password to sign in.REAL-TIME, AVAILABLE BALANCEYou will have access to check your benefit balance. Bnft will also send you notifications when a deposit is posted to your account and when you are expected to receive your next deposit.CARD AND PIN UPDATESIs your card lost, stolen, or damaged? Bnft has you covered as you can update your card status and order a new replacement card all within the app.SCAN IT!For WIC cardholders, Bnft allows you to scan a food item to determine not only is the item a WIC approved product, it will tell you if you have benefits to purchase the product. FEATURE PRODUCTSAs a WIC cardholder you will have access to view feature products at stores within your location based on your current benefits.PUSH NOTIFICATIONSBnft will send notifications for card status changes, deposit notifications, expected deposit dates, low balance or expiring benefits, and when your PIN is locked due to consecutive incorrect attempts.FIND A STORE THAT ACCEPTS EBTBnft has a store locator feature which shows you all stores in your area that accept SNAP and/or WIC. Download Bnft to manage your SNAP and/or WIC benefits now!Note: Only applicable states will have access to the Bnft app. Please check with your state benefit issuer if you do not have access to this application.
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