1RM BUY - Get Your Dream Prize

1RM BUY is a "Crowd-Funding" platform to help you get the product you want at a very LOW price. In this platform, Each product is divided into some parity lucky numbers for purchasing by Lucky Coins. You can buy either one or multiple lucky numbers of a product. Buy more also means that the higher probability of winning. After all lucky numbers of the product have been sold, A lucky number will be drawn from those lucky numbers. The holder of the drawn lucky number will be the WINNER of the product. Give it a try and be the big prize WINNER. If you're the lucky winner, showing your prize in the app or our Facebook page will earn extra Lucky Coins. In 1RM BUY APP, Users participation info, Draw Winners Algorithm and the reference data is open and transparent. That makes 1RM BUY is a Fair and Square platform that everyone has chance to get the product they want at a low price. Come and Join us, the next WINNER could be YOU. Tutorial video is available here for helping you kickstart 1RM BUY APP. FAQ: http://faq. lucky. nsbird.com.
Operating System Android