Product Mass Actions for Magento

Enable additional mass product actions in Magento 2 and save time updating your products. The Product Mass Actions extension is for applying the same routine time-consuming actions to multiple products all at once. Features: Extremely fast operation via direct SQL queries; Change Attribute Set. Update the attribute set for multiple products in bulk New; Mass Attributes. Update product attributes in bulk. Add or subtract a value from the price attributes. Add or remove values from the multi-select attributes; Custom Options. Copy or replace custom options from one product to several ones. Or remove all custom options together in selected products; Related Products. Add or replace relations from one to the other selected products. Or remove all relations. Or cross-relate selected products New; Upsell Products. Add or replace upsells. Or remove all upsells together from selected products; Cross-sell Products. Add, replace or remove cross-sells; Images. Duplicate images for multiple products. Or clean all images in selected products if needed; Categories. Assign selected products to multiple categories. Or un-assign them from selected categories; Update Price based on Cost or update Cost based on Price New; Update Special Price based on Price or Cost (any combinations) New.
Price USD 129
License Purchase
Version 1.4.3
Operating System Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows, Windows 7
System Requirements Magento 2.x