You can shop for goods and services on demand by time to arrival. Whatever you want from a hamburger to plumbing services you can get faster than by making a reservation or an appointment. It can act like a simple delivery service, but also can get you an appointment with a doctor this hour, or hire a skilled technician who arrives with the right parts you need within 2 hours. Open the app, see tabs of businesses by time to arrival, look at photos of goods or services, buy what's available and watch the countdown til arrival. Profile controls define as much or as little as you want to see. You can have 6 companies to your door at once. Companies add goods and or services, set rates and control offering factors including minimums, proximity maximums. Operators can then turn availability on or off and accept or decline any job. It's great for empty slots in the day, to move inventory without putting one out of their way. Types of businesses range from home repair to retailers to professional service groups to the designer down the street. View each business tab by operator or vehicle, which can make small companies look bigger than they are. You can provide a presence in places which have no on demand services just by driving through. We share purchase data by category with all companies to show what is selling best by location and their own company data to help them maximize on demand actions. Larger companies earn 50% of every NOWW purchase fee. If someone gets your service through us, you get paid on every transaction they ever do anywhere on our network, ongoing.
Operating System Android