inFASH - It's Worth Your Style & Fashion (alpha)

Love fashion? Like to shop online? inFASH (alpha version) provides the ultimate personal online shopping experience for fashion lovers who want to increase their satisfaction from their next e-commerce purchase. inFASH IS THE NO. 1 MOBILE-WEB PLATFORM TO DISCOVER AND SHOP FOR YOUR FAVORITE CLOTHING ITEMS. With its matching algorithms, and its fastest growing worldwide community - inFASH helps you to find skirts, shirts, jackets and shoes that fit you. Anywhere. No more frustrations when you purchase online item that are too big or too small. With inFASH - You can check how your favorite clothing items look on people with very similar body size and measurements so you can optimize the way you purchase online. inFASH also helps you to plan the best outfit for your clothes & discover new fashion ideas. Imagine wanting to buy an entirely new outfit: With inFASH - it couldn't be more easier to find and buy your favorite items, and get the proper advice while doing so. We are currently on Alpha phase, and the product is on an-invite-only basis. If you want to be part of the community or appear on inFASH, just email us at and we can share with you the invitation to join us.
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